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Auto Insurance in Georgia

Becoming a responsible car owner entails managing all aspects of vehicle ownership and usage. To be a responsible car owner, you have to inspect your vehicle regularly to make sure it’s in good working condition. You also have to practice proper driving techniques at all times so you can keep yourself and everyone around you safe.

Buying auto insurance is also expected of all responsible car owners. If you’re on the hunt for a new auto insurance policy, the Atkinson Casey Agency can assist with a variety of auto policies.

Find out more about auto insurance policies and the requirements related to them that Georgia drivers must meet by contacting our team.

What Are the Auto Insurance Requirements for Drivers in Georgia?

It’s your responsibility as a car owner to purchase auto insurance. Consult with an insurance agency to find out the minimum requirements for your policy.

You should have no trouble finding a policy that meets the minimum requirements for the state.

Typically, drivers only need to meet liability insurance requirements, but that may not be the case if you leased your vehicle. In addition to the minimum liability coverage, the lender may also require you to purchase physical damage insurance.

Physical damage coverage comes into play when your vehicle is the one that sustains damage following an accident. It also protects against potential theft.

What Happens if You Drive Your Vehicle Without Insurance?

Staying on top of your auto insurance policy is a must. If you are caught driving without auto insurance, you could be hit with some stiff penalties.

You may be ordered to pay fines, and your license may also be suspended if you are spotted driving with no insurance. In some cases, drivers who operate their vehicles with no insurance may also be sent to jail.

Driving without auto insurance is not worth it. Get your car insurance plan from us at the Atkinson Casey Agency so you can avoid financial and legal troubles. Visit our Monroe, GA office and get your auto insurance plan today!

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